Peruvian Ginger
July 4, 2018
July 4, 2018

Chinese Ginger

Our Chinese ginger started in China thirty years ago. Our company relies on the same grower that planted the first crop for us three decades ago. The history of our Chinese ginger has evolved into a product that holds a particular affection for our company. You can say that we have nurtured and raised it just like you would with your child. For this reason, our Chinese ginger has grown into one of the highest quality varieties that remains unrivaled by anyone else.

Trinity oversees every piece of the handling process, from the moment its picked off the ground to the day it gets packed and shipped out to you. We ensure that the quality of our Chinese ginger does not get compromised during any phase.

What you get when you unseal the packaging is ginger that’s fresh, fragrant, and absolutely flavorful.

Trinity offers conventional and organic varieties of Chinese ginger.